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Frequently Asked QuestionsStick Figure Man

How old are you? 

Older than I'd like to be outside, but not nearly old enough on the inside. If you want to know the real number, you have to do math. I'm 13 times 3 years old.

I want to be a writer when I'm older. How can I become a writer?

Write A LOT. Read A LOT. And learn to not be sad when you make mistakes, because writers make LOTS of mistakes during their first drafts. If I didn't know how to make mistakes I'd never finish a book!

Who's your favorite author and why? 

I LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE Lois Lowry. Some people find her books boring, but I really enjoy her writing style. I mostly love that she writes a story about a character, so you get to know that character really well. She never seems to tell a story that's just about what's happening. I like that a lot.

Other writers I love are J.K. Rowling, Joseph DeLaney, Jerry Spinelli, Shannon Hale, Mo Willems, Kevin Henkes and Jon Scieszka.

Will you come speak at my school/classroom? 

I would love to come and talk about writing with your school and your classroom. You can see more information about my school or other visits here.

Do you have any kids? 

Yup! 3 girls and 1 boy. My boy wanted a brother so bad that he cried when we told him our fourth was going to be a girl. But he felt bad that he was crying, because he didn't want to hurt his new little sister's feelings. I've got great kids who inspire a lot of my stories.

What else inspires your writing? 

Almost anything can. The idea for Sticky Suzy happened because my kids forgot to wipe down the table after OUR pankcake dinner. The next morning I went accidently stuck my arm in the syrup, then rested it on a school paper that got stuck to it. Ideas are everywhere!

Why do you write for children and not adults? 

I'm a child at heart. I think kids have the most fun! I also think that lots of fun changes and learning happens during childhood. In my picture books I can explore themes that use imagination. In my middle grade novels and magazine articles I can touch are the tougher things that older kids have to learn about and deal with.

And I don't swear, so I like to read books with very little swearing. Children's books are great for that!